Our People

FTL Labs is more about finding the right people and drawing a circle around what they bring and saying “this is what we are”, rather than deciding “this is what we are” and finding people to fill that box.

Picture of Dr. Michael White

Dr. Michael White

Founder and CTO/CEO

Picture of Damon Blanchette

Damon Blanchette

Lead Software Engineer

Picture of Keira Duffy

Keira Duffy

Lead Electrical and Design Engineer

Picture of Dr. Andrew LaPré

Dr. Andrew LaPré

Principal Engineer/Scientist

Picture of Gabriel Plourde

Gabriel Plourde

Software Engineer

Picture of Mindi Winter

Mindi Winter

Office Manager

Picture of Chris Culpepper

Chris Culpepper

Electrical Engineer

Picture of David Fraska

David Fraska

Senior Software and Electrical Engineer

Picture of Peter Moore

Peter Moore

Design Engineer

Picture of David Thomas

David Thomas

Senior Engineer

Picture of Dr. Melanie Zölck

Dr. Melanie Zölck

Contracts Administrator and Scientist

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