Who We Are

“Necessity is heavier than the earth; invention is higher than the stars; our concerns are more numerous than grass; but the mind is faster than light.”
Adapted from The Mahabharata, 400BC

Image of sensors and chips working together to make something work properly

About FTL Labs

FTL Labs brings invention to necessity by performing cutting-edge research and development in a wide range of advanced technology fields and specialties.

Mission Statement

The people at FTL Labs are committed to making the world a better place to live in by pushing forward the cutting-edge of technology. Working with ingenuity, integrity, and professionalism, we solve our customers’ most challenging problems.

UMass Amherst from far away, showing leaves, fields and mountains

Customers and Teams

FTL’s superb team-building culture has enabled us to solve new multi-disciplinary problems with the contributions of experts across the globe.


FTL’s location, in Massachusetts’ “Five College” area (2 hours from Boston, 1 hour to Hartford, and 3 hours to New York City) positions us to access facilities and expertise at universities such as UMass and MIT.

Dr. Michael White, FTL’s CEO, serves as Acting Director for the NSF Center for eDesign, an industry/university collaborative research center, comprised of seven universities working closely with industry to provide solutions in the manufacturing sector.

Fighter Jet up in the air flying above the clouds

Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Fuels

FTL has a long history of working closely with several of the big five Aerospace giants, both as a partner and as a provider of hardware and software solutions. FTL has also worked with and for many of the world’s largest DoD contractors and global manufacturing industry leaders.

Medical and Health

FTL’s experience working with high-performance prosthetics developers, medical imaging pioneers, hearing specialists, and environmental systems innovators, enables us to create high-tech health solutions for warfighters and the general public. Partners and customers such as Walter Reed Medical Center and UMass enable pilot system demonstration, clinical testing, and early-stage application of FTL technologies.

VR/AR/Touch Computing

FTL’s solutions in VR, AR, and Touch Computing have been exhibited at CES and employed as tools and educational games at zoos, schools, and in aircraft carrier planning rooms.

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