Fuels, Water, and other Fluids

Whether providing energy through combustion as fuel, sustaining life as drinking water, or transferring force in hydraulics, fluid handling is an enabling technology across disciplines. FTL has proven expertise in contamination monitoring, control, and system design for all fluid types.

FTL personnel began working with industrial fluid design in the 1990’s, developing a laser-based contamination monitoring system deployed aboard Navy nuclear aircraft carriers. Since that time, technologies have developed rapidly to allow particle-by-particle AI evaluation of contaminants in flow. Working with droplets led to applications of bubbles and other mixed-phase flow, in both medical settings, diagnosing decompression sickness, and at large scale, using bubbles to sweep shipping channels. Work with fluids continues to develop with spectroscopic, machine learning, and semantic computing approaches to sensing and characterizing liquids in many settings. The links below provide a glimpse into a small subset of fluid-related programs FTL has completed.