Big Data, Analytics, Visualization

As processing has accelerated, the value of data has become increasingly evident. FTL uses machine learning and AI to mine unseen insights from large database repositories.

All sensors create data, and this is often processed into an output available on a device, like a thermometer or a multimeter. But the power of data often lies in keeping prior data, and multiplying data sources to the extent that now gigabytes of data are generated for every hour that a commercial aircraft is flying. FTL began in the world of “big data” through fluid monitoring, creating a one-of-a-kind fuel contaminant database that makes our fluid monitoring devices smarter with every measurement. Once the power of such approaches was unlocked, FTL found applications in huge data packages that accompany aerospace metallic 3D prints, and biomechanical analysis including measurement and modeling of joint angles during walking. Most recently, FTL has worked with the Air Force, Navy, and aerospace primes to develop 3D scanning technologies that capture enormous data sets and mine them for quality control items during manufacturing and similar processes, reducing manpower requirements and improving tempo and effectiveness.