David Thomas

Senior Engineer

Mr. Thomas has worked closely with Dr. Michael White for nearly two decades, and has been with FTL since its inception. With over 16 years of experience working on DoD and other governmental projects as well as those for the private sector David has brought many designs from concept to fabrication to field testing, from precision optical systems to massive minesweepers. Mr. Thomas is an expert solid modeler and has worked with a broad array of CAD and simulation packages. Dave’s work has involved mechanical design, modeling, generating detailed mechanical drawings, FEA, fluid simulation, and VR, but also sometimes involves such things as hoisting up a large radar antenna during a tropical storm. David is also an adept software developer, and has written code ranging from educational video games for the NSF to CAD plugins, as well as firmware for microcontrollers. Specializing in C#, Dave most often works in Unity, but has also worked in C, C++, Python, Java, and other languages.