“DroneDraft” from FTL Labs Corporation is a fully autonomous, man-portable measurement, data collection, analysis, and display system for draft measurements during vessel evaluations, either prior to delivery or as part of in-service availabilities. DroneDraft performs autonomous vessel draft evaluations that are required to ensure vessel stability and safety, and test performance can critically impact vessel delivery schedules. It replaces the existing test method, which requires a manned small boat to collect draft readings at four locations using a draft tube method that is primitive, subjective, inconsistent, non-standardized, and dangerous.

DroneDraft determines the draft of a vessel while reducing set-up time, minimizing equipment needed, streamlining the process, reducing costs, mitigating schedule risks, and eliminating safety hazards to personnel. It will determine a vessel’s draft to 1/16” in various weather conditions and with various hull forms to support on-time delivery of ships and submarines. The system can operate in several feet of chop and wind, and can determine draft on various hull forms including flared or tumble homed hulls and draft marks. Additionally, DroneDraft provides data analytics to provide a statistical evaluation and digital record, and will integrate easily into standard operating procedures and standards to enable fleet-wide use.