The “SpOilEye” system (Spectral Protection OilEye) extends FTL Labs Corporation statistical analysis software capabilities and establishes the most efficient screening approach to predict age-related oil spoilage, thereby minimizing product replacement due to thermal, physical, chemical and oxidative stressors. SpOilEye enables performance screening for lubricating-oil stockpiles, including fresh (stored in tanks less than 6 months), unused oils that have been found to “go off-spec”, threatening DLA’s investment and supply of ready lubricants to the fleet.

This technology will be developed through state-of-the-art technologies to screen, prevent and/or mitigate premature degradation of MIL-PRF-17331 lubricating oil, and quantitative analysis of additive packages, their effectiveness and impact on oil properties, oil degradation, and any steps the end user can implement to bring LTL products back on-spec. FTL proposes a comprehensive, correlative study quantifying oil physical test properties as a function of shelf-life, storage time, contaminant intrusion, and additive concentration.

This includes standardized physical testing such as ASTM D892 (foaming), ASTM D1401 (demulsibility), ASTM D4176 (appearance), and ASTM D6304 (Moisture Content). Since these tests can be facilities- and manpower-intensive, a spectroscopic library that establishes quantitative correlations between spectra and corresponding physical test properties will be developed. This library and associated analysis dashboard is the basis of the SpOilEye monitoring and screening instrument to help DLA prevent product replacement in future procurement actions.