Audiometry Systems

A render of a sonoloop occurring for hearing
A render showing how Sonoloop works


Approximately 1.3 million active duty troops are regularly tested for hearing loss. FTL’s SonoLoop technology allows medical providers to easily and inexpensively provide this testing in mixed-use clinical settings with repeatable results.

SonoLoop has the ability to accommodate single and multisource sound localization including front-back confusions, separation and perception of multi-talker speech, and spatial hearing from masking in noise. The system can be field-calibrated for quantitative results in small spaces, and applies emerging speaker materials, audio chipsets, and room-correction algorithms to ensure repeatability in audiology tests.

SonoLoop’s computer-controlled 360-degree surround speaker system accurately reproduces any 8-channel USB audio input. It balances ear proximity and soundfield spatial variability, thereby eliminating room-acoustics effects and reducing the total required at-speaker Sound Pressure Level (SPL, analogous to audio amplitude or volume), while maintaining quantitative and repeatable at-ear sound delivery. The system is designed to be portable and storable, enabling temporary conversion of mixed-use clinical spaces for DOEHRS-HC-type testing. The system also collects patient movement metadata and controls for patient head motion, allowing more accurate test-to-test and site-to-site trending of audiology data.

A sonoloop render of the machine itself

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